Industrial premises heating with infrared heaters

Those who are interested in: which devices are suitable for heating rooms where the temperature does not exceed + 3-4 ° C, we recommend evaluating the characteristics of infrared heaters. They can be installed both in the home and in production shops where heaters are mounted to heat an old-style room.

Five reasons to choose infrared heaters for production facilities

The main problem faced by the owners of production halls, retail space, warehouses is the low air temperature with the onset of autumn cold weather. And the main question that interests them: how to heat the room, more than 100 square meters. m. to create comfortable conditions for employees, and at the same time not go broke paying utility bills. In this case, infrared heating is the best option, which is characterized by the following features:

  • high quality: IR heaters are made of high-quality, practical and durable materials resistant to moisture, dust, high and low air temperatures, and their main mechanism is an infrared heating element. This mechanism works properly, despite sharp changes in temperature, voltage in the network and the influence of other negative factors. Element service life - up to 25 years;
  • profitability: heating rooms with infrared radiation is not only practical, but also beneficial. First, you will make a large amount of money, but within 3-4 months it will fully pay off due to: a) reduction in electricity and heat charges; b) refusal to purchase consumables - lamps, cables, components; c) due to the secondary heat transfer from objects inside. The fact is that heating rooms with infrared heaters has an excellent approach: it is not the air that is heated, but the objects that are located inside, and when the heating device is completely turned off, the attributes "absorb" the absorbed heat, and the room temperature remains comfortable;
  • quick installation: a standard set of tools (hammer, screwdriver, screws), detailed instructions are enough to install IR devices. If in doubt, seek the help of professionals.;
  • high level of safety: these devices do not dry the air, and thus prevent the appearance of the “dry eye effect”, reduced performance and loss of strength. Also, these devices do not provoke the development of allergic reactions, irritation of the mucous membranes of the eyes and nose. Employees of your company will get comfortable working conditions;
  • long service life: when purchasing IR heaters you get reliable equipment that will last at least two years and will not cause trouble.

How to use infrared heaters in a large room?

If you want the heating of industrial premises with infrared heaters to be of high quality, you need to consider two important nuances:

  • It is possible to provide a comfortable microclimate not in the whole workshop or trading floor, if local heating is used. You can turn on the devices in turn or transfer them from one part of the workshop to another.
  • To create a comfortable microclimate over the entire area, you need to use models with a temperature controller that allow you to set an acceptable temperature regime taking into account the initial air temperature.

You can mount devices both on the walls and under the ceiling. After their inclusion in the warehouse or in the workshop, the temperature will begin to rise after 10 minutes of continuous operation. You can order devices with infrared rays on our website.