Influence of infrared heaters on the human body

Infrared heaters for the home is one of the innovative technologies of high-quality, safe and economical heating, which is becoming increasingly popular among Ukrainian families. The main difference between infrared heaters and any other is the nature of their work. IR systems operate on the principle of sunlight: unlike radiators and convectors, infrared devices do not heat the air, but objects in the room, including floors, walls, furniture. The latter gives the heat received into the air, so that the room is effectively and evenly heated. If convection heating works on the principle of heat fluxes that directly heat the air and rise up, then infrared heaters, on the contrary, do not affect the air humidity, do not dry it. Thanks to this, IR systems are considered the most useful type of heating for humans.

Influence of infrared heaters on the human body

Before you talk about the effect of IR systems on the body, it is important to consider their varieties and understand which of them are the most optimal for certain needs. By type of radiation, infrared heaters are divided into:

  • shortwave;
  • medium wave;
  • longwave.

For heating apartments and houses, as a rule, long-wave heaters are used - they give the maximum effect at the minimum cost of natural resources and your funds, respectively. But in some cases, when it is necessary to carry out heating locally (for example, a small pantry or a workplace), you can use short-wave and medium-wave. The same heaters are suitable in the case when you need only an additional source of heating. Remember that the effect of infrared heaters on the human body is studied, and any of these species will be safe and harmless for you.

Depending on the installation method, IR heaters are:

  • wall mounted;
  • floor;
  • ceiling.

From their names it is quite clear where they are installed. They do not have a fundamental difference in the quality of heating - here, rather, it is a matter of convenience and taste. For example, in small rooms where every centimeter counts, it is completely unprofitable to install a floor heater. The same thing if you have small children or pets. Installing a heater on a wall or ceiling will be absolutely safe for kids and pets. In addition, many people use IR systems as a decoration for a room, since any pattern can be made on ceramic wall heaters - and they will be a complete picture.

Infrared heaters: effects on human health

Many people fear infrared heaters: they are confused by the very concept of radiation and its potential harm to the human body. However, in fact, the principle of operation of infrared heaters repeats the principle of sunlight - and there is no harm in the rational and reasonable use of them. The main thing is to observe the correct mode of use, choose a climate that is comfortable for yourself. It is important to note that in infrared heaters there are no harmful chemical compounds, they do not provoke noise and vibration - this is a sign of the highest environmental friendliness and harmlessness to humans.

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