Ceiling heating of the summer kitchen

Heating of the summer kitchen: unique temperature regime

The modern multifunctions kitchen long ago became the simple necessity, because helps to spend less time at the cooking, cleaning and don’t worry about the safety of products. The heating of the summer kitchen determine its convenience in many factors, because at the cooking, temperature in the premise increased, that can’t be told about other rooms. Correspondingly the single system of the heating for the whole house doesn’t give the due result, because you get very hot kitchen and normal temperature in other rooms, or comfortable temperature at the kitchen and rather chilly other rooms. Exit is to install heating for kitchen with the possibility to regulate temperature regime separately from other premises, that allow you considerably save, because will not be spend of excess heat, which isn’t necessary in operating time in the kitchen at all. Many of local heating systems – convectors, heat curtains – have a function of thermoregulations, however their minus is that such heating of the summer kitchen will direct to the heating of the air. Correspondingly the economy will be minimal, because kitchen can ventilate from the unnecessary smells and warm air will fast disappear or rise to the ceiling, that is absolutely naturally, but not effective.

We propose the modern and economical decision – the infrared heater for kitchen, which provide the heat by means of its transfer to all surfaces in the room. The infrared radiation is primary heat the hard subjects, and secondly from the heat radiation by the surfaces heats an air. In such way, to stay at the kitchen will be comfortable without the feeling of fug and needless air circulation, which is inevitable at the heating by the traditional heaters. The heating of the summer kitchen by the infrared rays is quickly started and easily controlled with the help of simple thermo regulator, which is capable to provide the working regime of the heater mostly profitable and comfortable for you.

The infrared heating – is compact and safety

The stylish kitchen often is the attribute of good taste and correct attitude to the process of cooking and food consumption. However you shouldn’t forget about the comfort, because just the comfortable arrangement of the space at the kitchen is suppose the correct situation of working zones, kitchen’s equipment, dining table and so on. The infrared heater for kitchen is differing with the compactness that’s why you shouldn’t worry that it’s necessary a lot of place under it. Also the household infrared heaters don’t require the additional fencing because their structure provides the safety for surrounding subjects. The infrared heating of the kitchen is also esthetic, because the heater has thin (to 3 sm) and stylish frame, that’s why you may easily to fix it in the modern kitchen and don’t worry about the interior.

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Once at the forum we have faced with the problem “How to heat the kitchen, if the area is small and the tabletop is near the window?” Then were the thoughts to cut in the tabletop holes for heating with the radiator, but it’s not esthetic or if to quote “don’t relax and work quicker for not being cold”. In such cases, it’s worth thinking about that only the infrared heater for kitchen doesn’t need the space, can heat without the air circulation necessary to other systems and easily fixed in this cases to the ceiling not to occupying the useful area. The fire-safety of the equipment is confirmed by the necessary documents which you can easily to study.

The infrared heaters VS warm floor

The frequent problem at the kitchen is cold floor. For the convenience we do a tiled covering, because it’s easily to wash and sweep, but it’s badly keep the warmth. For heating of the floor many use infrared films, which are easily laid under this covering and rather qualitative heats the floor. However such system is really effective only at the presence one more source of heat, which will heat the rest part of the room. The infrared heater for kitchen, installed on the ceiling or on the walls at the definite corner, provides the heating of the floor and also heating of the kitchen in general. It helps to save, buying just one source of heat and doesn’t change or dismantle the covering for laying of the film, that is considerably save the time for arrangement of heating system.

The infrared heaters – are the profitable decision for premise of any area because the system is selected by our specialists unique on the base of the parameters of the room and facts about the heat loss for every client separately. European quality of the equipments is proved by European certificates of the conformity which get only TM Teplov between all Ukrainian producers of infrared heater systems.