Heating of a car wash. A radiant heating or an air one?

Electric heating of a car wash.

Car wash is always a popular car service point, which is why foundation of them has become a popular option for small and medium businesses. Despite the apparent simplicity of arrangement, such objects have a number of specific requirements like heating of a car wash. Comfortable temperature control is important for the quality of work of the staff and for the clients that may recommend your car wash to their friends in future. The heating system of a car wash must be able to make water evaporate quickly and be effective in cases of large heat losses since they are inevitable due to the frequent opening of the gates for the arriving cars. There are several main types of car washes, which differ in the type of services and equipment. For example, heating the car wash, where non-contact hand-cleaning technology is used (spray guns, vacuum cleaners, lengthening high-pressure hoses, etc.) it is extremely important to create comfortable conditions for employees since cleaning the cars goes manually with the use of special devices. Most of the work is usually done using water, dry cleaning is pretty seldom, thus heating of the car wash must be capable of coping with the increased level of humidity, to evaporate the remaining water from all the surfaces during the downtime in order to prevent the formation of the mold. There are tunnel and portal car washes, which are characterized by the high technological effectiveness of the process without human direct intervention because the sensors can automatically determine the size of the car and adjust to it. Usually, these cleaning systems are installed in the large premises since the car goes through the conveyor and is being cleaned with massive brushes, contour installation, etc. In that case, heating of the car wash will be more focused on maintaining the temperature for the correct working of the equipment.

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Air heating of a car wash

The advertised equipment that uses compact air fans for heating the car washes will be unable to cope with humidity since the process of the work is aimed at warming the air mass. When the gates open all the heated air instantly replaces by the cold street air, which means that it will take a lot of time to heat all the surfaces again. One more difficulty is in that that these heaters must be connected to the intermediate heat carrier—water, which may make the installation process go much longer. The common heating systems, in this case, are not as good as such modern technologies like radiant (infrared) heating. Infrared heater for the car washes is usually mounted directly on the walls, ceiling or lightning constructions and does not require any additional pipeline system, only a connection to electricity because the heating element is already inside and it is emitting infrared radiation waves to the surrounding surfaces. This electric heating of the car wash is called the radiant heating system because the heat is very similar to the heat of the sun rays. Even in winter when the temperature is low we can feel the heat which is absorbed by our skin, objects and surfaces when the sun comes out. Electric heating of the car wash with the IR system is controlled by thermostats—special sensors that are connected to the system, which provide the mode of heat irradiation.

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Radiant heating of a car wash

We should also pay attention to the safety of the heating system. Air heater for a car wash is a construction in the form of half-open fixed shutters but due to the work with water sometimes in large amount, it may accidentally get into the device and cause a breakdown or even an emergency situation. Also, because of the complexity of the construction, it is more likely that a fungus may be formed inside the device. Infrared heater for the car wash is a simple but reliable construction. The heating element is completely hidden behind a solid casing and is about 4-5 cm thick, which makes this device compact and the water will never get inside the device. Also, if one heater breaks down it can be switched off and replaced with the another one without dismantling the entire system. The required capacity and the number of heaters is always chosen according to your own demands, but you can easily add a heater to the system in case you have to change the premise that has other characteristics.

Electric heating of a car wash with the IR heaters is different from all the other methods of heating because it is quickly and easy to install the construction and this method is highly efficient. System efficiency is 98%, and, moreover, the items that absorb heat, keep it longer, which makes it possible to save money by shutting down the system from time to time.