Heating of the house without pipes and batteries

The main heating without pipes, boilers and batteries.

At first sight it seems that the heating without pipes, boilers and batteries is impossible. Annually considerable part of the budget of every family is spending on the paying of the communal services, in addition pipes have a property to wear out, break down. If regularly doesn’t do repair or their timely replacement, it has to allocate quite large amount on the repair of your and neighbor flats from the pipe breaks or defects of the batteries. Heating without the radiators helps to create the innovative technology of heating with the help of electricity. Using this economically profitable way, it’s possible the heating of any premise, for example, heating of private house without radiators and correspondently without problems connected with their exploitation.

How does it possible to accommodate the main heating without pipes? It’s possible several modern variants: infrared heaters, oil heaters, floor and wall convectors, heating guns, panels, fan heaters, inverting split-systems. The system installed which provide heating without pipes, boilers and batteries, in a such way: majority of devices are modify electrical energy to the heating energy with the help of intermediate heat transfer (it may be air, water and so on).

Oil convectors are good because they are small in size and easy to carry from one place to another, safety in using, have low price. These are hermetic ribbed containers, equipped by tubular heating element which heats filler. After that heat is spread on the room with the help of warm air. This way carried out the heating without pipes, boilers and radiators, but in this case oil heater serves as additional source of heat.

Convector heaters are organized in a certain way: cold air comes inside the device, heats and gets out warm. In a result of this, has done the heating of the habitation without batteries enough big on the area. Such equipment you can easy to install on the wall as the decorative feature, along the plinths. Electrical energy is modified in the heating, through the air in the capacity of heat transfer, which gets dry and can bring to the problem with a breathing system.

Inverting conditions (split-systems) works on the similar principle, they also creates heating without pipes and batteries, constant temperature and humidity of air at their using are supporting in the premise automatically. Systems of such type are economically using electrical energy, not even heats but cools the air in  hot days.

Owners of small private houses and country houses are often used heaters, which work on the fuel. This device consists of heat radiators under which the liquid and gas fuel are burned. They are fully autonomous, used also for cooking the food, are perfectly cope with the function directed to the heating of the private house without batteries. However their disadvantage is that for their work is necessary propane-butane mixture or natural gas and the place for storage the fuel.

The most modern and profitable system at all parameters, providing heating without pipes and radiators, is the heating system of the premises of any area with the help of infrared heaters. Using this system, the owner of the habitation saves to 93% of electrical energy, because the heating system works such as the heat exchange is in the nature. Infrared rays are equal heats all subjects, surfaces of the premise but not the air as the transfer of heat, that’s why heating spaces are heated with a maximal speed. The space, which the system of infrared heating occupies, is so small, that heating system is invisible or is presented as decorative element of flat. Membranous ceiling heaters with the thickness in some millimeters are located on the ceiling overlap, and temperature sensor has an area in some square centimeters.

If to install the system of infrared heating in each room of living accommodation, that allows effectively to equip the main heating without pipes. Temperature sensor regulates the necessary temperature – this guaranties the significant economy of means. Such system of heating is useful for human organism: don’t create the drafts, circulation of the particles of dust, heats the premise fast and equally. 

This heating system depends on emergency shutdowns of electricity, but not from the breakings of pipeline, because it’s a main heating without pipes. It’s easy to install by himself, transfer and reinstall in another place. With the help of IR heaters you can to equipped heating without batteries absolutely any premise and even open space, for example open terrace. Rays of the infrared spectrum transfer heat to each subject, such as sun rays in a windless day allow man to take solar baths in the mountains, covered with snow. The heating of private house without batteries in this case will be maximum effective and safe. This progressive technology for a long time was taken by European countries where appreciate comfort and economically spend means.