Economical heating of a house without gas

Heating homes without gas.

When you need to install a heating system in your own home, it is extremely difficult to decide on the system quickly since any heating equipment has its own advantages and requires special skills to use it. It is possible to heat the house with gas, electricity, wood, solid fuels and other resources that are used to make the heating system work. There are many criteria that will help you decide, according to the characteristics of the room and the system you can afford.

Natural gas is still the most popular answer to the question "How to heat the house?" for many people. Despite the price increase, it is still considered to be the most affordable. However, if you do not have a free access to a centralized point of gas supply in your area or if you want an effective local heating system, you should consider home heating without gas. There are some popular and proven ways of heating without the use of natural gas such as heating with a furnace, diesel, solid fuel heating and with the help of electricity.

Экономичное отопление дома без газа на базе потолочных обогревателей Электрические потолочные панели для отопления дома без газа

Heating of home without gas

The construction of a furnace will create a fully autonomous heating of home without gas. Despite the fact that this is probably one of the oldest methods of home heating, furnace heating is still popular, especially if you have a free access to wood waste products or firewood. The furnaces are large and may take an impressive part of the room since the walls of a furnace must be thick and massive in order to accumulate enough heat and "give" it to the house. It is also necessary to constantly check if there is enough wood in the furnace, otherwise, the house will quickly cool down and the expenses on the unprocessed materials will be increased automatically. Using diesel boiler which is very similar to the gas one also can help you create heating of the house without gas. Heating the house on diesel is for those who have the opportunity and the resources for the proper installation of the diesel heating system. This includes the expenses on the construction of the boiler room, organizing a place where you will store the fuel, construction of the efficient ventilation systems and installation of this system. This way heating of home without gas will be qualitative, permanent, safe, but highly expensive. Heating the house with the help of solid fuel boilers is another option that can be used if you cannot use natural gas. This way of heating is the most ecological one since the boilers work on the renewable natural resources such as wood, coal, peat briquettes. These devices do not require any special technical maintenance and inspections as opposed to gas heating systems. The only thing that this kind of heating of the house without gas requires from you is a periodical supply of solid fuel to the boiler. 

Heating home with electricity is a method that has become an object of many different arguments about its effectiveness and economy. In particular, electric boilers and convectors. Electric boilers are not expensive compared with the other equipment for heating but all the further expenses on its maintenance make these savings insignificant. Convectors are popular due to their compactness and because they are easy to use, but convectors are not able to provide uniform heating of the whole house and they are actually more suitable for the local heating. Today, home heating with electricity is also possible with the help of infrared ceiling heaters. Even the most assured opponents of the electric heating state that infrared heaters give us a real opportunity to create a truly economical infrared heating of the house without the use of any additional heating systems.

отопление дома электричеством потолочными панелями Для электрического отопления дома используют инфракрасные обогреватели

Heating of the house with electricity

Infrared heating is not accidentally said to be one of the best methods of electric home heating. This method can help you create a comfortable, easily adjustable thermal conditions in the room. Radiant ceiling panels TM Teplov are safe and powerful enough to ensure effective and uniform heating. Heating home with electricity in this way will be economical because the infrared rays heat the surface directly, so they don't use the air to transfer the heat and thus save up to 70% of electrical energy compared to other heating methods. With no direct impact on the air, infrared heaters do not dry it and do not lead to the increased dust circulation in the room. Components of high quality, as well as the stability of the system, let us stop worrying about the voltage drops and fire safety. Low levels of inertia of the infrared heating system let us enjoy the warmth in a few minutes after starting the heater.

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