The heating of the shopping centers, halls and pavilions

The modern infrastructure of the city is difficult to imagine without the shopping centers. They becomes not only the comfortable place for the shopping, where you can buy “everything and at once”, but also there you can perfectly spend time in different cafes, restaurants and entertaining zones (cinema, bowling and so on). The heating of the shopping centers, which belongs to the category of multifunction buildings have to be such multifunction, should easily tunes under different activity. The heating of the shopping pavilion obligatory should be equally and well-formed because from the strong variations of temperature in different zones may suffer the buildings construction. The building of the shopping centre, certainly, foresees the separation of the basis system of the ventilation and heating. However, such heat supply of the shopping centre after start, often supporting at the minimal accepted level. For creation of the comfortable temperature the owners (renters) of premises can install the additional heating of the trade halls. The most popular heating systems, which can serve as an “addition” to the main system, work from the electricity. These are the enormous number of heaters, which, in general are differ with the working environment. Convectors, heaters, oil heaters are really can become assistants in the heating of the premise, however extensive heating in the shopping centers with the help of such equipment is difficult to equip without deterioration of some indicators (air humidity, expenses for the maintenance and others).

Often you can meet the heating of the shopping pavilions with a help of thermal veils – one of the popular ways to provide heat supply of the shopping center. As a rule, they are installed above the main source of cold air – entrance and heat the cold air, getting to the premise, faster than it can lead to temperature drop. However, such heating of the shopping premises doesn’t suit for large areas, because then the veil couldn’t cope with all heat losses which will appear. This variant shouldn’t consider for the local heating of separate working zones (that is more often required in the shopping premises from additional heating).

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Among the all electrical methods of heating, the heating of shopping centers with the help of the infrared heaters is distinguished. Such heating of the shopping halls, in difference with the other systems, suits for the heating of large territories and for creation of the microclimate at the small area. The main secret of electrical infrared heaters is in radiation of the infrared rays at the definite zone and the correct installation of several heaters in the system allows equally to spread the heat which does not push aside with the cold air flows to the ceiling but achieves its purpose – subjects, working zone and people, who are under infrared rays. The heating of the shopping center by the infrared heaters creates the necessary comfortable situation in the zones, where the working staff is situated and also numerous clients of shopping centers.

If to tell about the indicators not once our clients, which used the heaters of the TM Teplov for creation of the microclimate in their own shopping halls and pavilions, noted the considerable economy, because it’s found, that infrared heaters help to short the expenses for 40-70%. Also the infrared heaters Teplov will suit for heat supply of the office premises, which often can be met in the shopping centers. The heating of the shopping premises by the long-wave infrared heaters will have pleasant and esthetic exterior that is important for the presentable design of the, shopping center and every shop in it.

The heating systems for the shopping premises for today can be really different and the market of heating equipment helps to make sure in this. However the systems of infrared heating, which are differ with the easiness in the setting of any temperature regime and installation, will become the pleasant opening for every, who wants to create the qualitative and safety heat supply of the shopping center.