Heating of the classrooms in Malodorogostaevsk comprehensive school of the Mlynivsky district in the Rivne region.

Heating of the classroom.

Heating of kindergartens, schools and universities - is one of the major challenges before the onset of the heating season. Today, the heating systems in many such institutions are irreversibly obsolete and require a complete replacement. Every autumn, with the onset of cold weather, hundreds of children spend at least 4 hours in unheated premises, which then results in various colds and parents' simple reluctance to leave their children in such conditions for a while. Fortunately, "Ukrprom" together with regional representatives throughout Ukraine can offer a convenient, economical, and certainly an effective solution owing to which heating of classes at school and other institutions will not be a problem for many years. We are pleased that today the Ukrainian market is open to, at first glance, non-classical forms of heating. For a long time, infrared heating has been growing more and more popular, familiar and affordable as a heating method for many people.

Heating of classrooms in upbringing and educational institutions by means of Teplov long-wave heaters will provide a number of important features that are difficult to combine using the "classic" heating - air and oil heaters, convective systems, etc. Heating of the school classroom should be based on a few pillars. First of all, it is the economy. Everyone understands that the majority of schools in the country is supported by the state budget. That is why schools can't afford a complete replacement of the old heating system with a new one, therewith the problem is not only in the pipes but also in the boiler room, which is most often built at the same time with the school. Teplov infrared heaters don't require the additional purchase of pipe fittings or any special place for the installation of such equipment. The only expenditure you will have to make - is to buy the infrared panels themselves. However, we can go further on the issue of cost-effectiveness and point out that the efficiency of infrared heaters is about 98% of energy consumption, which is 30-40% higher than other heating systems can offer. This way infrared heating will save almost half the previously spent funds.

отопление класса школы в г.Ровно обогрев класса школы г.Ровно

Despite the fact that infrared heating is already quite popular, the people who previously were not interested in the matter may be concerned about the following issue: whether the infrared radiation is harmful to health. We state with full responsibility - it is not harmful at all, and even vice versa - IR rays are now used even in medicine. What is the operating principle of this radiation? It's very simple, you just need to imagine the soft spring sun that pleasantly warms all around because the infrared rays appear in the range of thermal radiation of the sun and are favorable to the human body. Even in the twentieth century, the IR waves were used for heating particular parts of the human body, where the functioning of the organs and blood circulation had been disrupted. Thus, the danger issue can be forgotten because heating of the classroom with the help of infrared heaters will not create such a problem.

Heating of the school - as one of the most popular uses of Teplov heaters in a domestic environment - is a pretty simple task for our regional representative "Electrosystems Megalith". Recently we've completed another project - heating of the classrooms in Malodorogostaevsk comprehensive school of the Mlynivsky district in the Rivne region - where we installed Teplov infrared heaters and set up a full space heating system for the comfort of the pupils and teachers.отопление классов школы в г.Ровно