Infrared heating of the greenhouse.

IR heating of the polycarbonate greenhouse.

In order to solve the problem of heating of the greenhouse, you can use the infrared heating method. With the onset of cold weather, people set up heating of the polycarbonate greenhouse to create a high-quality soil warming, and at that the infrared heating system in a few minutes after the launch heats the area according to the requirements. Regardless of the purposes of keeping the greenhouse (growing crops for commercial purposes or for yourself) IR heating of the polycarbonate greenhouse will prove itself as a beneficial method of heating, allow you to reduce heating costs and enjoy the fresh vegetables grown in favorable conditions.

IR heating exceeds the popularity of other ways of heating of polycarbonate greenhouses. This is due to a number of advantages that you will appreciate after we will have installed and activated a precisely matched infrared heating system. Heating of greenhouses by means of infrared heaters, first of all, creates the effect of "natural warmth", which will give the plants the natural taste and make the greenhouse microclimate 80% closer to the required level. Secondly, the greenhouse heated with the help of infrared heaters can be divided into separate areas for growing different cultures. Installation of IR heaters, in this case, will be carried out taking into account the required temperature parameters for the local heating of each section and the possibility of independent control. Also, infrared heaters are good for greenhouses because their rays at right angles reach all the surfaces in the action field and thus evenly heat the soil and every centimeter of the plants. Such stability and self-sufficiency helped infrared heaters to show themselves in the best way in the market of heating systems.

IR heating of the greenhouse, opinions about which you can get from both Teplov customers and other users, will help you to be certain of the system efficiency. As an example, we'd like to show you a project of infrared heating of a polycarbonate greenhouse by means of IR heaters in Kiev. In the photo, you can see the even arrangement of Teplov IR heaters across the entire greenhouse, which provides the future plants with even heating without changes in temperature and drafts fraught with serious consequences. IR heating of the greenhouse, the price of which will depend on the design and the desired effect, will still be much cheaper than the installation of some other equipment.

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