Heating industrial facilities with electricity

Shindnes Y.L.

Heating of the production room NPP "EOS". The first problem solved was the heating of a 285 m2 workshop with a ceiling height of 8 meters, with a moving crane beam. The task was to heat the workshop while maintaining the operating temperature of 16-18C. The workshop has a rectangular shape, all walls are cold, glazing is about 10%. Our specialists performed the heating of the workshop with the installation of heaters along the outer walls with their removal on the brackets. The total thermal power brought to the industrial premises was 40 kW, namely 20 infrared heaters Teplov P2000. As a result, we heated the shop with maintaining 18C even in the harshest temperature in winter. According to the reviews of workers, "you see that now we are working in shirts !!!".

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Heating warehouse NPP "EOS". Having finished the first object, we proceeded to heating the warehouse. The task was set to heat the warehouse while maintaining a temperature of 15C. The heating area of the warehouse was 144m2 and a height of 9m. The heaters, as in the heating of the workshop, were installed on the walls, with extension on brackets and installation at an angle to cover the maximum usable area. Installed thermal power was 18 kW, namely 9 infrared heaters Teplov P2000.

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Having considered the cost-effectiveness of infrared heating, the management of NPP "EOS" decided to heat the rest of its premises. We heated warehouses, workshops, we heated locker rooms, heated office and workplaces, and many other unheated zones. The total area of the heated premises was 769 sq.m.

At the beginning of the work, we competed with solid fuel heating, but after calculating all the costs of building a boiler house, carrying out pipes and fine-tuning the mains, the management settled on an infrared heating system, at the end of the heating season, not a bit sorry for our choice.

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