Heating manufacturing infrared heaters TM TeploV. recall

Zykina Y.A.


Heating of the production premises in the workshop, with a total area of 700m / sq., Ceiling height 12 meters, walls - brickwork. Creation of the required temperature in the production room + 18C. The area of the room is 390 sq.m, the ceiling height is 7.5 meters.


For industrial premises heating, five industrial infrared heaters TeploV P4000 are required. A programmable temperature controller is used to maintain and set the required temperature.

Operating costs

Winter 2011-2012 was cold, the minimum temperature dropped to -33 degrees. The temperature in the production room, regardless of the ambient temperature, was +18 during the day and +15 at night.

After installing the heaters, electricity consumption increased by 35-40%. These indicators vary depending on the ambient temperature. In monetary terms, heating costs amounted to 2500-3500 UAH.

The benefits of infrared heating in an industrial workshop.

Prior to the installation of TeploV P4000 heaters, the workshop was heated by Buleryanov. At night, the temperature dropped to minus -4C. In the morning, after kindling, the temperature + 15C was reached only at 12 o’clock in the afternoon. The cost of firewood averaged 5,000 UAH.

Thus, TeploV infrared heating showed not only lower operating costs, but also fully complied with the customer’s temperature requirements, which convective heating systems could not solve.

The full text of the recall of infrared heating of the production premises of the workshop in the Luhansk region can be found below.