Heating of a computer equipment store, Zaporizhia

Heating of a computer equipment store, Zaporizhia

It is now difficult to imagine our life without all kinds of computer equipment, which daily allows us to perform hundreds of operations faster, better and easier. From complex automatic control systems to a conventional personal computer, various equipment simplifies our lives, allows us to control important processes with greater power and accuracy, and gives us access to a tremendous amount of information about the whole world. Despite various sometimes frightening and at the same time fantastic predictions that technology can get out of human control, we still can’t imagine our life without computers and other types of electronics. Thus, the convenience and speed of life daily leads us to use technology everywhere.

Although infrared heating does not belong to computer technology, it is also the result of work in the field of innovative technologies that can improve the quality of life and comfort of everyone who has decided to buy infrared heaters. Having received an order for heating a computer equipment store in the city of Zaporozhye, we were once again convinced that in the modern world, technology already helps not only people in their daily lives, but also to ensure the operation of other equipment. It's no secret that computer components and everything related to them should be stored in special conditions for long-term operation and safety. With this in mind, the owners of the store should have provided suitable conditions, including temperature. Thus, their choice fell on the most stable and easily controlled type of room heating - infrared heating.

With regard to the task, the total heating area of the store was 200 m2, the ceiling height 4m. We helped them and created a heating system, consisting of 1 heater type Teplov B600, 5 heater Teplov P2000 and 12 heater Teplov B1000. To control the system, we used thermostats and provided two modes of maintaining the temperature - 19 degrees (during the day) and 10 degrees (at night). You can check the quality of the completed project and the operation of IR heaters at the address of this store - Zaporizhia, 42 Lenin Ave..

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