Heating of a branch of Privat Bank, Novomoskovsk

Heating of a branch of Privat Bank, Novomoskovsk

We do not get tired of carrying heat wherever we need it. So this time, our company successfully completed yet another large-scale project on the installation of infrared equipment so that employees and visitors of the Privat-Bank branch we are setting up would be able to work warmly and comfortably in a room where dozens of important banking and currency transactions are carried out daily and other important in the economic field.

Infrared heating Teplov is represented in this project by such long-wave ceiling heaters as Teplov B1000, as well as B600, in the amount of 10 and 18 pieces, respectively. As you can already understand by the number of heaters, we have done a great job, since the installation of heaters is preceded by such an important stage as calculations. The further work of the entire heating system, the load on the network and the cost of electricity depend on them. Also, the correct selection of the number of heaters and their power allows you to provide the best result in terms of space heating.

Thus, choosing these very models of infrared heaters and this amount, we managed to create a high-tech heating system that works on the principle of solar heat and directly heating objects and people in rooms. The heads of the Privat-Bank branch in the city of Novomoskovsk are no longer worried about autumn or winter colds, frosts, because now the premises are heated by infrared heaters, which are certified products in Ukraine and meet all European quality and safety standards.

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