Harm of infrared heaters

Harm of infrared heaters

For many years we have been working in the field of creating innovative heating systems based on the use of infrared rays. Special infrared long-wave heaters are installed indoors and operate from the mains. Today, the safety and harmfulness of any heating system is often raised by customers, as they work primarily in the human environment and therefore should not in any way affect the health and work ability of the team.

That is why our experts are not ready to assert without reason that infrared heating is absolutely harmless to the human body. Moreover, the unique nature of long-wave infrared rays, which are in the spectrum of solar radiation, and even contribute to the normal functioning of the body, has already been proved, can be a good prevention against diseases of the musculoskeletal system, intestinal tract, and vegetative-vascular diseases.

That is why the management of the clinic in the city of Druzhkovka, Donetsk region, approached us with the desire to install infrared heaters in many rooms, wards and other rooms of the hospital in order to create comfortable conditions for their patients and staff. Clinic heating with infrared long-wave heaters is carried out with the help of heaters TM Teplov, which are regulated thanks to the installed thermostats. The installation of infrared heating in the clinic once again proves that this type of heating is absolutely safe and harmless.

Installing heating units on the ceiling allows you to achieve the maximum effect in terms of heating, because you can cover a fairly large space. Speaking about the properties of infrared rays, it should be noted that the order of their influence on the room is as follows: initially there is a warming up of milestones of solid surfaces in the room, such as floors, furniture, interior items, as well as the person himself, and only then, through the transfer of heat, objects heat the air. This is a unique property that allows a person to always feel comfortable even with a certain decrease in air temperature. Infrared heating of the clinic is not afraid of open windows and slots at the joints, because the heat will not quickly leave the room and thus will help to significantly save on heating costs.

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