Warmth and comfort on the summer terrace. We know how to extend your season

Economical electric heating for terraces, verandas

Heating a terrace, veranda or summer area saves you from a sharp drop in temperature due to unforeseen weather conditions. It is especially important to install a heating system on the street areas of cafes, restaurants and bars, so that visitors feel comfortable both during the evening coolness and in bad weather.

In order to choose the most profitable heating of the summer area, it is worth considering such its features:

  • large heat losses in comparison with closed rooms, caused by the free movement of air masses;
  • lack of insulation of the structure and the ability to implement it;
  • often only off-season heating of the open area is needed;
  • limited space for the installation of heating devices.

These characteristics assume certain requirements for the heating system:

1. Most heating systems are aimed at heating the air in the room. However, heating the outdoor area should be arranged taking into account the fact that the heated air masses will instantly mix with cold air, which means that money will literally go into the air, and people will not feel the effect of the heating system. In such cases, modern direct heating technologies can be used, which transfer heat directly to objects and surfaces, which significantly increases productivity - more than 90% of the energy consumed goes directly to heating, the result of which can be felt within 5-10 minutes after starting the system.

2. The seasonality of the use of the summer area presupposes the installation of a system that can be easily dismantled. Accordingly, complex piped heating systems are not suitable for installation in an open area. As a way out, you can use electric heaters, which can be easily combined into a system and controlled using intuitive automation. Most often, thermostats are used as the "brain" of the system, to which the required number of heaters are connected in order to create one mode for heating over the entire area. Also, the use of separate regulators allows you to set up and local heating of an open area in a particular zone.

3. Limited space and the desire to make the most of it - for example, arrange tables, arrange additional seating - leads to a lack of space for standard heaters that are installed on the floor or mounted on walls, like ordinary radiators. Accordingly, it is worth choosing a type of site heating that will allow you to install heat sources on the most unused part of any room - the ceiling. However, it is worth considering that on terraces and verandas the ceiling is often massive floors, beams, lighting structures, so the location of the heaters should be thought out in advance.

Infrared heating: a guarantee of comfort in the open area

Of all modern types of heating, infrared heating is the most suitable for the above requirements. Ukrprom LLC has developed a number of special models designed for use in open or semi-open areas. The "U" series are street heaters of various capacities that effectively heat objects in the area of ​​operation and create a comfortable environment for a person in an open space. Infrared heating of summer areas provides an opportunity to save on heating, since the system is easy to regulate, adjust operating modes in individual areas, and also dismantle in case of closure of the site or the end of the season.

Heating of the summer terrace BERGSHLOSS (Rivne)

The BERGSHLOSS summer playground has been opened in the city of Rivne - named after the product of the Rivne brewery in Rivne - BERGSHLOSS beer. The management decided to use infrared heaters for heating. The representative office of TM Teplov in the city of Rivne was instructed to calculate and install a profitable heating system that would cope with the heating of the street area. To create a comfortable environment for visitors, a linear arrangement of heaters above the seats was used, which made it possible to cover tables and nearby objects with infrared rays. Also, infrared heating of the summer area creates the effect of a thermal curtain, with the help of which cold air penetrates with a lower intensity into the territory of a summer terrace, veranda or other area.

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