Heaters Teplov recall

Alex 513

Infrared heater TM "Teplov" is better than "UFO". Infrared heater TM "Teplov" - more efficient than convector.

A good product advertises itself, or rather, it is advertised by customers, to each other, word of mouth. 

A similar advertisement for infrared heaters Teplov we met on a "forum" on the Internet.

Below is a message from a buyer using our heaters and a “screenshot”.

I was looking for a heater for the watchmen.

The convector is not suitable, a UV with a spiral warms its head strongly.
The stove is in the gatehouse, but this is for the winter, but now I could not pick it up.
A friend suggested his option, an infrared heater TeploV B1350 doubted but WORKS !!!
1,350 kW has been warming the room for the third week, the size is approx. 16 m2, in the room + 20 + 28. at night it still did not go below -6, but the stove was still not heated.
wooden floor, linoleum on top, hung under the ceiling so far without a thermostat ... but soon I’ll buy it so that we don’t pull it out of the socket when we heat the stove.
If anyone needs such a thing, they will give a 10-15% discount; there are several types of them from 600 to 4000 kW

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