Economical apartment heating

Economic heating for apartments and houses

Due to the decentralization of heating in Ukraine, many residents of our country are looking for a reliable and economical heating system for their apartments and houses. Infrared heat is a great alternative to urban systems, which will allow you to abandon boilers, pipes and batteries. It is worth noting that this type of heating has long established itself in Europe as a reliable, efficient and really economical way of heating.

The main advantages of infrared heaters

Infrared heating is a universal solution for any purpose premises. Infrared heaters are not afraid of humidity up to 80% and can be installed even in areas such as bathrooms and toilets. Among other things, the following advantages can be singled out:

All kinds of applications. Infrared heating in an apartment allows not only organizing autonomous heating, replacing the central system, but also simply adding a heat source in order to raise the existing temperature to the required comfortable level. At the same time, when heating an apartment and a house, it is necessary to take into account not only the location of the heater, but also minimize the area it occupies, while maintaining the comfort of living. To solve this problem, we have developed heaters of the following types:

Wall infrared heaters. The name of the panel speaks for itself. Such panels have a classic design, small dimensions and a built-in thermostat. The main location on the outer walls of the room, an opening under the window.

 Heating of apartments and houses with wall-mounted IR heaters

Floor infrared heaters. The same wall panels, but come complete with legs, wheels and other accessories that will make your heater mobile and easy to move from one room to another. Floor heaters are mainly used to raise the temperature in the room to the required comfort level.

Ceiling infrared heaters. They are also widely used for heating apartments and houses. The main advantage is space saving. This type of heater is installed on the ceiling above the sleeping area (as an additional heating of a room in the house), along the outer wall and above the windows (as an autonomous heating of the house).

heating apartments and houses with ceiling heaters

Economy and efficiency.

It is a big misconception that infrared heaters work constantly and consume a lot of electricity. The infrared heating system of the house, whether it be wall or ceiling heaters, is necessarily supplemented with a thermostat. Thanks to this, the system works not only cyclically, with periods of switching on and off, but also allows you to create your own separate microclimate in each room, adding and decreasing the temperature in the room, depending on the needs. Thanks to the thermostat, you can maintain a comfortable 22 degrees in one room of the house and at the same time drop to 16 degrees in another, saving your budget.


For heating apartments and houses, heaters of an exclusively long-wave spectrum are used. It is the long infrared wave that is not only absolutely safe for humans, but is also perceived by the body as natural heat. You can give long examples of the use of long infrared waves in medicine. But let us dwell only on the fact that such waves are safe and have actually been used for heating houses since the days of village stoves. Our heaters have all the necessary certificates of Ukraine, Europe and can be installed not only in all rooms of the house, but are also approved for use as heating in preschool and school educational institutions.

Ease of installation.

Installation of apartment heating does not imply calling the masters. In the case of choosing wall heaters, the entire installation comes down to unpacking and drilling two holes in the wall. Floor heaters are even easier. I put it on my feet, plugged it into an outlet and set a comfortable temperature.

Only a call separates you from buying heating for an apartment and a house. Knowing the area of ​​the premises, we will quickly and free of charge select the heater you need, taking into account all the nuances of the design and your wishes

Wall-mounted IR heater in the interior of the guest room