Heating of medical institutions

Heating of medical institutions with infrared heaters

The solution for heating medical institutions from the manufacturer TM Teplov is based on the use of electric panels - infrared ceiling heaters. A wide range of our products allows us to offer the customer a heating system that covers the issues of both basic heating and the creation of a zonal microclimate in part of the room. Teplov heaters are completely safe and environmentally friendly. We have not only all the necessary certificates of Ukraine, but also passed the CE certification.

If heating hospitals - then only infrared

Below we present the following arguments in favor of heating exactly Teplov:

  • Soft and pleasant warmth useful for a person.
  • Creation of various temperature regimes for offices, wards, operating rooms, emergency departments, etc..
  • The effect of a warm floor. When using ceiling heaters, the lower part of the room (floor) is heated first.
  • Creation of the minimum required temperature in rooms of secondary importance (utility rooms, corridors, etc.))
  • Easy temperature control in each individual room.
  • Installation of ceiling heaters is carried out both before and after repair.
  • Creation of several thermal zones in one room.
  • Additional heating based on infrared heaters.

Electric heating of hospitals in practice

When heating medical institutions, not only household ceiling, but also wall-mounted infrared heaters are used. For each individual room, we select our own heater, which in turn makes it possible not only to provide economical heating, but also to withstand different temperature conditions in accordance with the norms of the room.

To achieve the maximum effect from Teplov heating, we are in touch 24\7. You will not be left unanswered to your questions. All calculations are provided absolutely free of charge based on incoming data. All you need is a floor plan.

Advantages of ceiling heaters Teplov. Why are we?

  1. Profitability. Infrared heating Teplov is up to 40% more efficient than convective heating. Our heaters will significantly reduce seasonal heating costs.
  2. Possibility of creating zone heating.
  3. Ceiling heaters do not take up usable space. Each office has its own sun.
  4. Comfort. Teplov infrared panels do not dry the air. At the same time, this type of heating maintains the right level of humidity.
  5. Prices. Many years of own production allows us to offer the best prices on the Ukrainian market.
  6. Guarantee. We do not offer you a lifetime warranty. Even the Mercedes breaks down. But you can safely count on warranties up to ten years.

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