Heating pigsties

Pigsty heating

Livestock has always been one of the most labor-intensive, requiring constant supervision and physical labor. Be it sheep, goats, cows or pigs - they all require special conditions for normal life and professional care in order to prevent various diseases and contribute to the full development of the animal. Of course, every conscientious owner will make sure that the premises for the animals are properly equipped, that their food is proper and balanced, of course, that the microclimate on the farm fully meets the needs of the animals. The latter is important, first of all, because of the large heat loss at the wrong temperature, the animal will lose weight and weaken, and will also be more susceptible to various diseases. Further, with a decrease in the mass of animals, it will be necessary to increase feed consumption, which is not at all profitable and not correct. That is why it is very important to initially provide for the proper heating of pigsties, cowsheds and other types of farms in order to avoid such problems.

инфракрасное отопление свинофермы

Pig heating with infrared ceiling heaters.

A special heating system is required, first of all, in the farms where pigs are raised, since it is precisely when these animals are bred that the achievement of the necessary mass is in the first place, for which intensive feeding is foreseen. Keeping pigs at the wrong temperature conditions will lead to unprofitable consequences, because in the cold you will have to increase the amount of feed, and if the air is too hot, the animals will lose their appetite and weight loss will begin. Thus, it is very important to observe the necessary regimen, which consists in maintaining a temperature of 18-20 ° C for sows, 27-30 ° C for small piglets, so that they do not spend their energy on constantly maintaining the required body temperature. In order to properly heat the pig farm, it is necessary to choose a type of heating system that meets all the necessary requirements and, as practice shows, infrared radiation is such a heating method. It is of various types depending on the working environment and the wavelength of infrared radiation. This diversity is not accidental, because for each individual goal, they will be suitable in different ways.

Observations showed that when using infrared rays as a heating method, animals and birds were less susceptible to various diseases, did not lose weight and fully developed.

For heating pigsties, our company can recommend electric infrared heaters. This type is the most common and very convenient to use. In addition to its excellent technical characteristics, it can be noted that it is also easy to install and clean. As a rule, infrared heaters are mounted on ceilings, and the higher the better, since infrared rays will cover more territory. IR heaters will become the second sun on your farm, because they work by the same principle of heating surfaces, not air. This is very important for animals, because they are constantly on the ground, especially for small piglets, heating for which can be additionally carried out using infrared panels. Infrared heating of the pig farm will save you a lot of gas, water and electricity, reduce energy costs and provide the right microclimate for animals.

инфракрасное отопление свинофермы

Infrared heating of the pigsty.

Our company will help you to heat the farms in the most correct and profitable way, select the necessary equipment (infrared heaters, temperature regulators) in order to ensure the necessary positive effect from the use of infrared radiation technology and to make sure that this type of heating is on today is the best.