IR heating greenhouses

IR heating greenhouses

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One of the keys to a long and happy life for every person is a healthy diet. Freshly squeezed juices, fruit and vegetable salads - all this is very useful, because it contains a lot of vitamins necessary for a person. Of course, you always want your products on the table to bring both aesthetic pleasure of taste and physical benefits to strengthen immunity, muscles and bones. However, it is not always possible to fully enjoy fresh vegetables and fruits, because they are seasonal products. The most difficult thing in winter is when, on the eve of the holidays, I want to set a tasty table for guests and relatives, and in the stores I have “plastic” tomatoes and cucumbers that cannot be compared to those that were grown in the summer under the caring sun on warm soil.

This problem was solved by people who appreciated all the advantages of greenhouses. There are many nuances in their creation, ranging from coverage to a control system. However, for quite some time, polycarbonate greenhouses were recognized as the best option. This material is considered durable, can withstand heavy loads on the surface and retains heat well inside the greenhouse. That is why the choice of coating of the arch structure is quite simple and predictable, but you will have to think carefully about the heating system.

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Of course, many ways were invented: safe and not very, less and more profitable, but they all did not solve the main problem of greenhouses - the heated air rose instead of warming the soil and plants. The TEPLOV company offers to try a radically new way of heating greenhouses, with which you can save a lot and make winter growing vegetables pleasant, safe and profitable.

Infrared heating - this is exactly the way that is now the most progressive and efficient. It surpasses in many respects all that was thought up earlier. The fact is that IR rays are similar in nature to the rays of sunlight. They hardly heat the air, but act directly on the surface and objects on it. In the same way, the sun's rays, passing millions of light years through space, do not heat it, but reach our Earth and give it their heat. IR heating of the greenhouse will allow you to directly affect the racks, shelves, plants in the greenhouse. IR rays directed in the right direction will allow you to freely grow the best crops without significant heating costs due to the use of water and electricity.

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IR heating of the greenhouse is carried out using special heaters, which, as a rule, are attached to the ceiling of the structure. If your greenhouse is no more than 3-4 meters wide, then one row of heaters for the entire room will be enough. The term of use of such heaters reaches 30 years, which is why IR heating of the greenhouse will allow heating the soil for growing various crops with high quality, reliable and harmless.

In order to maximize the use of all the advantages of infrared heating in a greenhouse, it is necessary to correctly place infrared heaters and calculate their number. The standard formula for calculating the system capacity for polycarbonate greenhouses consists of multiplying three indicators, such as coverage area, temperature difference and heat transfer coefficient. Also do not forget about thermostats, which will be useful after installing IR heating greenhouses. 

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Our experts will help you make the selection of the necessary equipment for your greenhouses, because for many years we have been leaders in the production and provision of systems based on infrared rays.

Also we can familiarize with calculations of IR heating of the greenhouse.