How to save on heating

Each increase in heating prices seriously affects the average citizen of the country. Now, when prices for services are actively bringing to a high “world” level, too large amounts began to appear in receipts. But there is a way out of any situation, which means that you can save on heating.

Heat control

We all know how to save on electricity: just turn off one light bulb, as the numbers in the receipts will be slightly lower than the previous figures. A similar method can be used in the case of heating. The only "but" - in order to save heat, you need to consider it. Even if you cut off one battery, the same amount will come to you without a meter. Therefore, the first step will be the installation of metering devices.

A heat meter is a relatively recent invention, which appeared only at the end of the last century. Models can vary in cost, ease of maintenance and even design, and most of the devices presented are designed specifically for apartment buildings. Despite this step forward, the cost of these devices is still quite large. Nevertheless, even when used for a small “Khrushchev”, the heat meter easily pays for itself after the first heating season, and in the case of larger housing - for a shorter period.

Heat distribution

Usually, in the first days after installing a heat meter, people actively experiment, looking at how the flow rate changes due to the position of the valve. Despite the allure of small numbers in the counter window, not every apartment can afford to significantly reduce the heat supply. If the apartment is located in a high-rise building, it is likely that the heat in the house is not evenly distributed: it can be hot on the upper floors and cold on the lower floors. Closing the gate valve in a house of this type, the effect will not be the best: where it was warm, it will become hot, where it is cold - even colder. This is due to the fact that the coolant does not flow fast enough through the radiators.

In this case, the most constructive solution is the installation of a silent circular pump, which can easily solve this problem by increasing the speed by 3 or even 4 times, but again requires investment. However, after installing this appliance, the heat will be evenly distributed throughout the house, and it can be effectively regulated by the heat meter.

Thermal load

Even after installing the heat meter, it is impossible to always enjoy a comfortable temperature. Typically, the plumber switches the valve when warming. Of course, he will not carefully monitor the temperature and conduct strict control 24 hours a day, because of which the savings will not be as complete as it could be.

However, this problem is easy to solve, but this will require additional financial investments. If you purchase a special automatic system for regulating heat load marked “weather compensated”, it will perfectly cope with the function of precise control of the ambient temperature and regulation of heat supply.

This system involves a special thermometer, which is installed on the street and picks up the slightest temperature difference. The device compares the result with the signal about the temperature of the coldest radiator in the building. Based on the information received, in accordance with the settings, the controller constantly sends commands that correct the position of the valve and set the most comfortable temperature and optimal heat consumption.

Typically, such systems are also equipped with a timer, which, depending on the day of the week or time of day, enables the economy mode to be switched on or off. This is very convenient for industrial premises where they work in one shift, and at night you can significantly reduce consumption.

If you install all of the above equipment, the cost of heat will decrease by 15% in the winter and approximately 60-70% in the spring and autumn. Such a system pays off on average from one week (for very large rooms) to 3 months (for small premises).

Heat exchange equipment or boiler

Hot water for household needs is often heated directly in the heat point of the building (usually a basement) in special boilers. Depending on how he copes with his work, and how effective the water distribution scheme is, the cost of the liquid also depends.

Usually, an old tubular boiler without temperature controllers and other parameters is used for this. In order for hot water to be produced two times cheaper, you need to invest in a brand new plate boiler, which is equipped with a hot water temperature controller. Such an acquisition will pay off in the shortest possible time, because hot water will cost half as much as before.

Thermal diagram of the building

In the vast majority of cases when it is impossible to alter the heating system significantly, the measures described above will completely save money. However, when it comes to designing a new building, it is much more practical to immediately take into account factors that, during further operation, will reduce heat costs.

First of all, this is the optimal piping layout. The two-pipe scheme is recognized as the most cost-effective and practical, which initially assumes a uniform distribution of heated air throughout the building and easy adjustment of heat transfer for the entire building and for its individual elements.

The most popular method that makes this adjustment easy is the radiator regulator. By reducing the amount of coolant that passes through the battery, you can set the most comfortable temperature in the room. Thanks to this device, you can save up to 20% of money, because the temperature in a room depends not only on radiators, but also on working electrical appliances (especially stoves, air grills, microwave ovens), as well as people and animals.

Save wisely

The heating and water heating system is an area rather complicated, and it is easy for an amateur to get confused and make mistakes. Moreover, each system has its own characteristics and often requires an individual approach. That is why it is necessary to implement any of these methods exclusively after discussing the situation with specialists in this matter. Such services are nowadays provided by many installation and commissioning organizations. The employees of such companies have probably already faced a variety of situations of this kind more than once, which means they can find a way to make the specific system of the building you are interested in more economical. It is this approach that will allow you to invest a minimum of funds and at the same time extract the maximum benefit that will cover all current expenses.

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