Infrared heaters

  • Mounted on the ceiling
  • Economical
  • Autonomous
  • Do not burn oxygen
  • Useful for humans

Heating balconies (loggia)

Balcony (loggia) heating

The desire to provide comfort and functionality in the house is quite justified and useful, because it allows you to most conveniently and economically equip your home. That is why it has become popular to equip balconies for work corners, recreation areas or other useful places where things will not just lie and gather dust. On the one hand, this is really very correct, because in this way we increase the useful area of ​​the apartment, do not clutter up the rest of the room (for example, when the child went to school and he needs a workplace to perform DZ). However, on the other hand, this option of arranging the balcony can cause additional problems, and mainly the issue of heating the balcony will be.

Very often, especially in old houses, balconies are completely insulated, glazed with simple thin windows - all this leads to freezing of the balcony (loggia) in the cold season and does not allow you to feel comfortable there during such periods. If you decide to stop using the balcony (loggia) as an ordinary warehouse of things and want to turn it into a usable space, then, first of all, we recommend starting with its insulation.

Today, there are many ways to insulate a balcony (loggia). For example, it can be heat-holding materials, such as foam. However, you can resort to the latest technology and use a special paint that has similar properties and will not allow heat to quickly evaporate. Also, it is worth paying attention to the windows. Changing the windows to metal-plastic windows will significantly improve the ability of the balcony (loggia) to keep warm.

After insulation, it is worth moving on to solving the issue of heating the balcony (loggia). Of course, with heating a small area, almost all the autonomous heaters known to us, which operate on electricity, can handle it. However, it is necessary to raise the question of their effectiveness and safety in use on such a limited area. So, an electric convector, which, of course, can heat a balcony (loggia), will occupy part of the working area and create certain inconveniences, because you can’t attach anything close to it. The issue of security is especially relevant when there are small children in the house.

We offer you a simple solution to this problem! Long-wave infrared heaters of Heat have a lot of advantages over classical heating systems. First of all, this is a ceiling installation, which will make it possible to use absolutely the entire area of ​​the balcony (loggia). The second is the absolute safety and harmlessness of infrared rays for both children and adults. In order to solve the issue of heating a balcony with your own hands once and for all, only 1 Heat heater of the required power (0.6 kW, 1 kW or 1.3 kW) will be enough. And the installation of one simple thermostat will make it possible to significantly save energy costs (from 200 W / h) and do not worry about the constant control of the heater, because the thermostat automatically maintains the temperature you need.

Heating the loggia with an infrared heater Teplov is soft, comfortable heat at any time of the year. For more detailed information and consultations, you can contact our specialists at the phones indicated on the website..

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