How to connect an infrared heater

For those who want to find a replacement for electric convectors, gas burners and other devices used to heat the room in the autumn-winter period, experts recommend connecting an infrared heater. This is a compact, practical and economical device that is also easy to install.

How to connect an infrared device: basic recommendations

If you are interested in how to connect an infrared heater, use a small cheat sheet compiled on the basis of the advice of masters. The infrared heater connection diagram is as follows:

  • the choice of location for the device (wall or ceiling);
  • connecting an infrared heater at a certain height;
  • connection of electric cables to the mains;
  • device operation check.

There are options for connecting infrared heaters, and there are only two of them - mounting the device on the wall and ceiling, however, in both cases, the installation instructions do not have significant differences. In both cases, you need to use the grooves located on the rear wall of the device and fasteners. But regarding the installation height of the device, there are two points of view:

  • It is worth securing a wall electric heater at a distance of 1.5-2 meters from. So you will ensure not only quick heating of the room, but also an even distribution of the flow of warm air inside the room, living room or office.
  • The optimal level of installation of the device is closer to the ceiling to direct the flow of infrared radiation throughout the room.

Both options are acceptable if you want to create a comfortable microclimate for 10-15 minutes in an apartment, office or trading floor.

The second stage is considered the most difficult: you need to connect the IR heater to the mains using the terminal block. It is necessary to connect the terminals to the corresponding electric cables, and check how the device works: whether it gives off heat or not.

The main nuances of connecting IR devices

They say that connecting an IR heater is possible for anyone who understands the installation of the terminal block and the installation of suspended structures. All you need is to fix the device correctly and connect the terminals to the wiring. But, if there is the slightest doubt that you will perform all operations flawlessly, it is better to entrust the installation of an infrared heater to a professional.

If you do not cope with the task yourself, then you will encounter a number of problems:

  • weak fixing of the IR device;
  • normal power consumption with minimal impact;
  • premature device failure;
  • malfunction of an infrared heater and other components.

A professional will help you prevent and eliminate these problems.

What are the advantages of infrared heaters?

This type of devices appeared on the market not so long ago, and quickly gained the trust and loyalty of the audience. The secret to the popularity of devices is quite simple: they are compact, practical and economical. With their help, you will reduce the cost of utility bills, and at the same time provide warmth and comfort in a country house, apartment, office at any time of the year.

Another important advantage of innovative heaters is reliability. They are made of high-quality materials that are resistant to moisture, dust, sudden changes in temperature, and the main mechanism that supports the operation of the device is an infrared heating element. He is not afraid of voltage drops in the network, and its service life is 25 years.

You can buy infrared heaters in specialized stores. Before buying, be sure to check how the device functions, inspect its case and accessories.