Room heating with IR heaters

Heating with IR heaters is a modern, environmentally friendly and budget way to organize comfort and coziness in your own home.

Created according to the principle of sunlight, they evenly and efficiently heat the premises without drying the air and creating harmful chemical compounds. IR heaters are used in residential and commercial premises, warehouses, offices and even on the streets.

The range of their application is incredibly wide - their advantages do not leave indifferent lovers of warmth and comfort. At the same time, heating the premises with infrared radiation is considered the safest for the human body. In this article we will analyze what types of infrared heaters are and how to choose them in order to enjoy an ideal home climate even in the harshest winter.

Infrared space heating: the benefits of popular technology

Why infrared heaters so attract people? First of all, every person at least once in his life felt the work of ordinary radiators and convectors. Next to them is the heat, away from them it is much cooler. They slowly warm the air and cool down quite quickly, while each new heating requires a large amount of energy, and as a result, the meter winds kilowatts at an incredible speed. In the conditions of modern tariffs, this is unlikely to suit Ukrainians, so people come to the most economical and high-quality means of heating. Infrared heaters for space heating have a completely different principle of operation. They do not heat the air itself, but the walls and objects surrounding you, which give off the accumulated energy and give a lasting feeling of warmth and comfort. Since objects cool much longer than air, the effect of such a system is long-lasting and, accordingly, less energy-consuming. You will not need to turn on the heater often - its effect will pleasantly surprise you!

In addition, the principle of infrared heating will appeal to people who monitor their health. The technology of infrared heating does not dry the air, prevents the appearance of harmful bacteria and fungi in it, and has a beneficial effect on the respiratory, cardiovascular, and nervous systems. Also, with proper use, it does not dry the skin, promotes good sleep and relaxation. You can adjust the temperature that is best for you with the help of a thermostat. You will be happy to return home - in warmth, coziness and maximum comfort!

How to organize room heating with infrared heaters?

Very simple - just select the type of heater you need and install it. There are floor, wall and ceiling heaters. Their effectiveness is the same, however, for small-sized rooms, ceiling and wall ones are better, since they do not take up space. A wall heater can be designed as a picture - and it will be not only a functional device, but also a design component of your room. Ceramic heaters look stylish and concise, fit perfectly into both classic and modern interiors.

Just one infrared lamp for heating the room will allow you to finally take off your mountains of clothing and enjoy the long-awaited home holiday. And you do not have to worry about electricity - infrared heating is considered to be the most economical. The advantages of such systems can hardly be overestimated, so hurry to please your family! Infrared room heaters are available at the Teplov store. View our product range in the catalog or call our consultants!