Overview of options for infrared heaters for the home

The beginning of the heating season promises endless problems with heating. But do not despair, because now there is the possibility of an alternative solution. The Ukrainian company "Teplov" is engaged in the production of electric infrared heaters. This is an innovation in the world of heating technology. The company presents a variety of types of home heaters.

How to choose a heater for the home

Infrared heating systems have a list of significant advantages over other heating systems. Ukrainian consumers have already made their choice in favor of the first. In the winter, infrared heaters for the home are really a means of first necessity. Unfortunately, the heating provided by the state is not able to give full heat. That is why many people choose "Teplov" - the best home heaters. The device impresses with its efficient operation and high-quality assembly. Together with it, you can save money, because the cost of electricity will be minimal.

If you want to understand how an infrared heater works, imagine how the sun works. The heat spreads to objects in the house, and they, in turn, absorb this heat and give it to the air, which makes it possible to balance it throughout the space. What is the plus? The infrared device does not heat the air and thereby does not dry it and does not pollute oxygen. Thus, an electric heater has a positive effect on human health. The surrounding area will be protected from mold or fungus on furniture and walls.

If the room has completely cooled down, then the infrared heater is able to heat it up in a matter of minutes and give you the desired comfort. Using a temperature controller, you can control and control the temperature of the heating system. The plus is that when you turn off the IR heater, the heat will still be felt, because the objects around always warm up qualitatively. The system is easy to install and fairly easy to operate.

The options for choosing an electric heating system can be very different. Ceiling infrared heaters absolutely will not interfere with the organization of space. Wall-mounted ceramic infrared heaters can serve as an element for a stylish decor, complementing, for example, your room or children's room. If you want it to be warm not only inside, but also outside, there are street infrared heaters for this. Look for a detailed description in our catalog.

The most economical home heaters

Teplov infrared heaters undoubtedly deserve the title of the most economical home heaters. In addition, they can be used not only in residential premises, but also in the office and in the warehouse, which also indicates their versatility. On our website, various models of electric heating systems are illustrated and described. For example, long-wave infrared heaters differ in impressive efficiency, which is 98%. That is, the device works to the maximum with the smallest electricity consumption. Now you can not depend on centralized heating, because such an electric heater will provide you with the necessary heat.

You can get long-wave heaters from us at a bargain price, which will certainly pay off quality. This device is hung on the ceiling and, due to its favorable location, evenly distributes heat, thus increasing the efficiency of the heating process.