Types of wall heaters for home and apartment

Winter is just around the corner, which means that the heating problem is coming to the fore. Unfortunately, often a centralized heat supply is not enough to warm the entire apartment, thereby ensuring a comfortable stay at home. Therefore, people are looking for alternative ways out of this situation. Nowadays, wall-mounted infrared heaters are very popular. The leader among manufacturers is the company Teplov, which confirmed the quality of products not only in Ukraine, but also abroad in the largest European countries.

Modern heating technologies are moving to a whole new level. Electric infrared devices are a real find in order to forget about the cold at home during even the harshest winter. Heating with infrared rays operates on the principle of a mirror effect - objects in the room reflect the heat that this electrical device gives. You will be surprised how quickly and efficiently this system works. The radiation does not contain ultraviolet light and therefore does not have a negative effect on well-being and does not harm your health. On the contrary, it has a positive effect on the human body, does not cause allergies and has a beneficial effect on the work of the cardiovascular system.

Heater picture on the wall

The wall heater in the form of a picture is an innovation in the world of electrical engineering and a new word in interior design. If you want to make the wall heater invisible, we will design it in the style of the room’s wallpaper. The infrared heating source, made in the form of a picture, will become an original solution for any room, whether it be a nursery, a living room or a bedroom. Heroes of famous cartoons and fairy tales, works of art or family photos - all this can be depicted on a ceramic heater. For fans of minimalism, a monophonic option is presented, presented in different shades of the color scheme for every taste - simple and stylish!

Teplov infrared heaters have several advantages: efficiency in energy consumption, radiation safety, maximum heat, ease of use, design solutions in design and a favorable location relative to the living space. This device consumes electricity to a minimum and at the same time works efficiently. Now you can not worry about the costs that run the risk of spending on utilities. Infrared rays, like the sun, give real warmth to your home and protect the environment from dangerous bacteria and prevent the formation of fungus. IR heaters are easy to install and operate. And finally, this is a stylish addition to the interior of your apartment. Become the owner of a unique wall heater in the form of a picture made to order according to your preferences.

Comfort and warmth are an integral part for a pleasant family atmosphere in every home. With Teplov ceramic heaters, this effect is achieved in minutes. Take care of your loved ones now. Winter teaches us to appreciate heat, and our heaters give it heat.

On our site you can also find wall-mounted panel heaters and a detailed description with technical specifications. We will be happy to advise you on all issues and will be happy to make your life comfortable and cozy.!