A air curtain. Is there an alternative?

The air curtain– an invisible “shield” from the cold air masses

The main sources of cold air in the premises are the doors and the window frames. Both air curtains and infrared heaters are able to solve the problem, but what is more effective? The situation gets even more complicated due to the specific purposes of the building, for example, supermarkets, car washes or industrial buildings are open to the constant traffic of people and vehicles, which lets air masses to penetrate intensively into the premise. Exactly in the cases like these, even when there is an effective heating system inside the building, expenses on the heating of the building may increase while the quality may reduce due to fast cooling. As soon as you have established a source of cold air and heat losses, you can install just one or several special heaters (a air curtain or an infrared heater) which will "fight" cold air and you will not have to change the whole system.

тепловые завесы монтируются как вертикально, так и горизонтально в дверной проем

Until recently, a air curtain was the only solution that worked as a great shield that protects the room with the wall of warm air. The air was getting into the room and was being heat by a heat carrier and after that was being “blown” through the doorway ( where the air curtain was attached) thus supplanting cold air masses. However, the operating process of this equipment is connected with air circulation which causes the problems of the air drying and uplifting the dust into the air and people are breathing this air. Average height of the air heater is from 1.0 to 3.5 meters which means that the air curtain of an average price (up to 10 000 UAH) may be suitable only for domestic premises with the limited ceiling height. Moreover, you should keep in mind that the process of work is quite noisy, thus the work of the heater in a small room/office/shop this heater may be a bit distracting. If you want to use air curtains in the higher doorways, you will have to spend a lot of money because this equipment must be much more powerful (industrial orientation). Vertical air curtain is a version of the familiar curtain which is installed on the sides of the doorway. What all the types have in common is that a strong air stream that separates the room from the external environment, may be not very comfortable in small and medium-sized rooms, because even warm wind may eventually become unpleasant.

Alternative to a air curtain – ceiling infrared heater

Today we can confidently say that there is an alternative — ceiling infrared heater. Company “Ukrprom” has carried out some tests on the use of infrared heaters Teplov as the equipment to prevent heat losses through the doorways and window frames. The height of the IR heater of average price category is from 2000 to 4000 UAH (domestic, industrial heaters of low power) is from 2 to 3.5 meters. Consequently, the IR heater of a lower cost can be used in a wider range of height. In addition, the infrared heating is a unique and advanced heating method which does not have those problems that other systems have. So, the IR heater in comparison with the thermal curtains, does not make any noise and does not cause additional circulation of air. But what about “pushing” cold air off the room, you may ask? IR rays fall on some objects and infrared heating heats those objects. In the case your installation is in the doorway, the infrared heater will heat the floor which will start to give off heat after some time and thus will create thermal "wall." IR heater has been recognized as the best source for local heating long time ago, which means that other heating systems are less efficient and cost-effective if you are using them in a small area to prevent heat loss.

альтернативной тепловой завесе выступает потолочный инфракрасный обогреватель

Infrared heaters Teplov can be used as an air curtain in the domestic, public and industrial premises. The only thing that is needed is to choose a proper power and quantity of the heaters. It takes a few hours to install the device and after that you have to set up the system and make it run. The heater may be adjusted with the help of the connected thermoregulator, which can be held on the height that is convenient for you thus you will not have to contact with the equipment. Compared to the rather ponderous thermal curtains, infrared heater is quite compact (not more than 5 cm thick). Numerous certificates of conformity prove the safety of the infrared equipment as well as the documents on fire safety and that the infrared rays are not able to cause any harm to the health. Thus, intense heating of the areas of the biggest heat losses with the infrared system will become a safe and efficient source of heat and will allow to save up to 50% of consumed electricity.