Ceiling infrared heaters

Ceiling infrared heaters.

In the modern world, almost all the premises are equipped with the additional sources of heating. This is due to the peculiarities of the climate in our country, not very qualitative constructions of houses, etc. Recently, installations, operating on the principle of infrared heating, are becoming more and more popular.

In this review, we are going to describe the ceiling infrared heaters according to their efficiency, construction and highlight the main advantages of these devices.

Highlights of work of the ceiling infrared heaters

As it is known, all the major types of heating devices work on the technology of convection, ie heat the air around the device, which then "travels" around the apartment and transfers the heat to people. In general, heaters, convectors and other devices have a number of disadvantages:

  • the air flows stratify: the air right below the ceiling is warm while all the cold air is accumulated on the floor;
  • the temperature of the air masses is too different which may lead to the drafts in the apartment;
  • it takes pretty much time to heat the room;
  • the amount of the heat loss is huge.

Ceiling infrared heaters work on the absolutely opposite principle. A special feature of their work is heating directly the objects in the room. So, for this systems, people are the objects as well. The device heats all the objects before heating the air. And it does not take much time since the heated objects have good thermal efficiency as well.

Ceiling infrared heaters: different models 

There are two ways to classify this type of devices: based on the type of the radiator and the purposes of the installation. So, first let's have a look at the types of devices according to the sources of radiation:

  • gas installation: work on the principle of burning a special mix of gas and air inside the device, these ceiling infrared heaters are popular in the industrial premises
  • electrical devices: can be used in any field, work on the principle of heating an open spiral, a special tube or another heating element. There is an element, that must be used in the construction of every device - an element that reflects heat into a premise;
  • film panels: may be used for creating comfort heating zones in the house (e.g., in the children room).

Basically, it is possible to determine the main purposes for the installation of the devices from the kinds of the devices mentioned above. Ceiling infrared heaters are classified into two types: the type for the industrial and domestic purposes. The first – devices of a high power for heating large workshops, enterprises, etc. The second — compact installations designed for heating an apartment or a separate zone (in the case of local heating).

Infrared installations and their advantages

We have already mentioned the disadvantages of the devices working on the principle of convection. Now we have to understand what are the benefits that are provided by the infrared systems.

There are next advantages: 

  • efficiency: it heats the objects which leads to a reliable level of heating;
  • energy savings: firstly, the efficiency of these systems pretty often goes up to ninety percent, and secondly, expenses on the electrical energy reduce due to the fast operation of the device. Moreover, there are preset regulators in many models that switch off the system when the temperature in the premise reaches the specified limit.
  • security: these devices are safe, there are no fire risks and threats possible and also these devices do not "kill" the microclimate of the premise - do not drain the air and do not "burn" oxygen. This explains why they are very popular as the heating devices for the kids' rooms.
  • environmental friendliness: the construction does not contain any toxic substances and materials;
  • easy in installation: the installation of the devices is very simple, it does not require any special skills— the only thing that is necessary to install the heater is to mount two hooks into the wall or ceiling where you will hang the device.

Thus, ceiling infrared heaters are the best solution for home heating. A number of advantages makes them more suitable as an additional system for the room or industrial heating. Of course, the price is significantly higher compared with the price of the convection heater, however, a high degree of efficiency and energy efficiency pay the purchased heater off. Industrial expenses on the energy resources also significantly reduce in a small period of time.