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      Wattage of TeploV IR heating: Watts
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      Infrared heater TeploV P2000


      Heated area, m² 20
      Rated power, W 2000
      Dimensions, mm 1200х282х42
      Weight, kg 12
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      “P”series of heaters TM Teplov – is perfectly recommended itself for heating of big and non-standard premises. Industrial direction of the line, including an infrared heater Teplov P2000 brightly demonstrates capacities of infrared radiation to achieve impossible results for classical heating systems. This kind of heaters we recommends use on:

      - industrial factories, in the non-heated workshops, warehouses, where the ceiling height is more than standard 3 meters and reaches 10 m. Sizes of a heater allow to fix it on the constructions for mounting of light supply of premise and also on cables and separate corbels.

      - cinemas, cultural centers, theaters, car-services, shopping centers

      - kindergartens and other household premises with the ceiling height from 3 meters.


      • At -26 degrees of a frost outside, the industrial infrared heater Teplov P2000 heats the area of 20 sq. m. to temperature + 20 degrees.  
      • If using Teplov P2000 as additional heating, an area of heating by this model is equal 40 sq.m.
      • And normally, it’s necessary to foresee the heating at the season “spring-fall” (to -4): industrial infrared heater Teplov P2000 will heat to +20 degrees 40 sq.m.


      We provide to each buyer the warranty of our product on 10 years and guarantee that service life contains not less than 25 years. Such assurance gives us the using of only the best components at the production of our heaters. Our production has all necessary certificate of quality, getting not only in Ukraine but abroad, for example European certificate of compliance, and also all necessary conclusions from the Ukrainian authorities.  

      Магазин, высота потолка три метра. Можно ли ставить этот обогреватель? Макушку не напечет?
      Здравствуйте. Обогреватель Теплов П2000 устанавливается на высоте от 3.5 метров. Рекомендуем обратить ваше внимание на обогреватель Теплов Б1350. Установка обогревателя Теплов П2000 на три метра возможна либо при локальном обогреве, либо в зонах, где не будет постоянно находиться человек.