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      Wall infrared heater NTB700


      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 650
      Dimensions, mm 1000х500х40
      Weight, kg 8.8
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      Teplov NTB700 is an advanced development of our company in the field of wall-mounted infrared heaters. When designing this line of heaters, we took into account many factors affecting the efficiency of infrared radiation, minimized the convective component of the heater, and used the newest heating element, which has not only good heating uniformity over the entire heater area, but also a high degree of moisture protection, which opens the ability to use the heater in rooms with a humidity of 80% and above.


      The wall infrared heater NTB700 is used for heating all types of household premises, with a ceiling height of up to 3 meters. Thanks to thoughtful fixings of the heater, the installation can be performed both horizontally and vertically. Mobile installation of a heater is provided, using optional "legs". Teplov NTB700 is recommended for use in the following rooms:

      • The main and additional heating of apartments, houses, villas, etc..

      • Shops, outlets, office space

      • Preschool, school and higher education institutions

      • Other rooms with ceiling heights of up to 3 meters.


      • The main heating is up to 15 m2 (-20C outside, + 20m2 inside)

      • Additional heating - up to 30 m2 (in aid to an existing heating system)

      • Inter-seasonal heating - up to 20 m2 (up to -5C outside)

      * Heating parameters are indicated for premises with heat loss of 100 W / m2


      Body painting according to RAL, standard body color - white. It is possible to print the image on the front side of the heater (photo printing). The final result may differ from the color on the monitor screen due to the color settings of the latter..


      Products TM Teplov has all permits, both for Ukraine and EU countries. You can read the documents in the "Certificates" section. The guarantee for all heaters of a series "N" makes 3 years.

      Where to buy

      You can buy a wall infrared heater for Teplov NTB700 either from us or from the warehouse of our representatives (section of the site “Where to buy”). The price is the same and fixed throughout Ukraine!