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      Wall-mounted infrared heater Teplov H150


      Heated area, m² 3
      Rated power, W 150
      Dimensions, mm 1000х150х20
      Weight, kg 2
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      Junior model of the line of wall infrared heaters Teplov represents a panel of infrared radiation, which consists of stylish case (thickness only 20mm) and heating lamella, made from anodized aluminum. In comparison with steel analogs producers, this model has in 5 time more heat transfer (coefficient of the heat transfer of the aluminum is equal 236 W/m*K, against 47 W/m*K at steel).


      Wall infrared heater Teplov H150 is unique product, which can be used as a wall heater and as a module of system “warm plinth”. In the form of such system panels are installed at the perimeter of premise, at the places of maximal heatloss (walls boardering with the street).

      At the power just 150 W this model can heat the premise with the area 3m² with the high of ceilings to 3 m and use as:

      - heating of the flat, house, country house, cottage, corridor and lavatory

      - heating of the office, shopping premise

      - heating of the school, kindergarden, hospital chamber

      Technical characteristic.

      The main heating (+20 inside, -20 outside) – 3m²

      Additional heating – 5m²

      Interse4asonal heating (to -4 C on the street) – 4m²

      Nominal power – 150 W

      Overall dimensions (without fixer) – 1000х150х20 mm

      Guaranty of quality

      Infrared heaters Teplov have all permissive documents, conclusion about fire safety and license of sanitary epidemiological service. Assurance in the quality of our production, allows to provide you a guaranty for 10 years. The service life of long-wave heaters is 25 years.