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      Infrared heater TeploV U6000


      Heated area, m² 60
      Rated power, W 6000
      Dimensions, mm 1932х320х80
      Weight, kg 14
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      The Teplov U6000 industrial street infrared heater model is the most powerful equipment among all U-type industrial heaters and requires a qualified approach of specialists during the calculation of the required power, installation and installation of the procedure for using the created heating system. This industrial infrared heater most effectively exhibits its properties during local heating, when a well-directed stream of rays heats a small area to quickly reach a comfortable temperature. A special element in the design that emits the entire amount of heat (heating element) is heated to a temperature of 600 ° C, which makes the heater more intense in operation compared to long-wave models. Outdoor heater model Teplov U6000 can be used for heating buildings with ceiling heights exceeding the standard 3 meters, where any other heating system will not cope with the task. The industrial outdoor heater TeplovV6000 is able to provide the desired result even with large heat losses in the room, which may be caused by the specifics of the work or the construction of the building (for example, a large percentage of glazing). Medium-wave infrared rays uniquely heat any surface, penetrating into the subject by several centimeters. Efficiency of Teplov U6000 will be best manifested in rooms with high ceilings (up to 15 meters) of various designs (dome-shaped, multi-level), for example:

      - train stations, airports;

      - large outdoor areas, summer terraces in hotels, clubs;

      - in workshops, hangars, other industrial and industrial premises.

      *Heating parameters are indicated for premises with heat loss of 100 W / m2



      • As the main source of heat, the infrared heater TeploV U6000 can affect most effectively 60 square meters. m., reaching a comfortable temperature for a person of +20 degrees.
      • If outside the temperature dropped to -4 (spring / autumn), the heater TeploV6000 is able to create +20 degrees over an area of up to 120 square meters.
      • Additional heating will also be effective on an area of up to 120 square meters. m., where you can feel the result of a temperature increase of 10 degrees from the already existing air temperature
      • 30 sq.m. - is the area to which you can individually direct the entire flow of heat rays for local heating.