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      Infrared heater TeploV Y1500


      Heated area, m² 15
      Rated power, W 1500
      Dimensions, mm 1500х125х75
      Weight, kg 4.5
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      Due to the fact that the quality of household and outdoor equipment for heating is combined in the infrared heater TeploV U1500, it perfectly copes with the heating of the local territory in the open air. Outdoor electric infrared heater TeplovV U1500 will be able to properly heat certain zones and can become both primary and secondary heating.

      This heater is a representative of the group of street heaters, which have been developed by heating TeploV:

      - verandahs (open and half-closed), summerhouse arbors;

      - balconies in apartments and houses;

      - open summer areas of cafes and restaurants, terraces.

      *Heating parameters are indicated for premises with heat loss of 100W / m2


      The design and method of operation of the street infrared heater Teplov V1500 implies certain requirements for the installation of this equipment. The heater with open heating element has a heating element temperature of 600 C. The angle of the infrared rays is 80 degrees and allows you to cover the necessary area point. When fixing the infrared heater, it is necessary to calculate the distance to the objects, which must be observed during the heating. It is necessary that between the heated surfaces, as well as the person and the heater TeploV U1500, be preserved not less than a meter. The street heater Teplov V1500 is very easy to install in the required position, because it has special swivel mounts that allow you to set a comfortable heating angle.

      Quality assurance

      The quality of our products has been tested by many years of use and hundreds of satisfied customers. Street household medium-wave heater Teplov V1500 has a warranty for maintenance, which is equal to 3 years. We are sure that the infrared heater will be a great help for you in heating your family hearth under any conditions..